Based on the best-selling graphic novel of all time with approximately 1 million units sold, we present the prequel to the successful Cowboys & Aliens film. Now a franchise property.
In 1864 the United States is entering the 4th year of bloodshed between the North and South. The Confederate Army is decimating the Union armies with advanced never-before-seen weapons in and around the Carolinas.
The president orders a small group of uniquely individuals to sneak behind enemy lines and discover the source of the South’s new found advantage and stop it by any means necessary. What they discover is that aliens are providing the Confederates with technology in exchange for slaves to be used as human batteries for their craft and weapons. History is about to be rewritten.

Cowboys and Aliens-Civil War presentation


Killing Demons (series)

It takes skill, specialized weaponry, the ability to see them and years of training. Fortunately, Joshua Brand has over 2000 years of experience.

Over the course of man’s history, Demon Hunters have come and gone. Except for Joshua. He came and never left. That’s the curse of being immortal. Fated to roam the Earth and protect our world, given the “gift” of seeing the Demons among us, Joshua roots out these hidden monsters in the hub of their nefarious activity — the most villainous, depraved and rotten place on Earth — New Jersey.
Welcome to the world of KILLING DEMONS.
Based on the acclaimed graphic novel of the same name, KILLING DEMONS is a new serialized, investigative, character-based genre series, set in the present day, with elements of action, dark humor, and allegory. KILLING DEMONS will probe into the psyche of the “demons” among us, those under their devious influence, and those compelled – and strong enough – to hunt them down.


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